Internships @GeoMod in 2021 in Lausanne: probabilistic methods or app development a distancia, residencia en América del Sur

Internship: Development of standalone smartphone apps for coputational geomechanics

Duration: 4 to 6 month, fulltime, in 2021

Motivation: Smartphone applications are fashion. The idea is to investigate to which extent such applications can complement the toolbox of computational methods developed on laptops, for geotechnical applications.

Project: The proposed project lies at the intersection of software development and computational methods. Based on the work of earlier trainees the present project will concentrate on the development of a smartphone application. The trainee will be asked to develop a pilot smartphone application, given the corresponding laptop application. More specifically the work will consist in: assimilating the work already done on the development of standalone applications dedicated to the solution of a single type of geotechnical problem, developing a generic API for Android smartphones, activating either cloud or laptop computations

Documentation: ZSOIL

Prerequisites: - Good expertise in Python, background in computational methods and cloud computing. Strong interest in the subject. MS student in computational mechanics or equivalent.

Interested? Please contact Prof. S. Commend for further information.
Lausanne, 12/2020